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I’ve finally uploaded all 17 new Tarot of No Promise cards into the gallery. Check it out! These doodles are very addicting. I only used cheap materials: ballpoint pen, RoseArt markers, and highlighters. I wish the markers and the highlighters translated better on the scanner. The actual colors are livelier and more vibrant. I keep adding onto the series, but I have no idea what I want to do with them! A friend of mine suggested making a card game, but card games are sort of passé. Curse my lack of creativity! I was thinking making a little book or a bumper sticker. I’ll look through CafePress for some ideas. Either way, I’ve been very figurative with these cards so far. I need to draw more still life and animal-based cards. Too bad I won’t be doing that next Wednesday (I’m going to the Boston Aquarium with the family!). Since these tarot cards use to be Facebook tags, if I were to tag someone for the preview card on the right, it’d have to be Mrs. Ciciotte, my high school art teacher. She was in labor our senior year and we cracked a lot of baby jokes.



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aKino here with her new blog! I’m liking it here on WordPress so far. right now, I’m still trying to figure out how things work on this site. Hopefully, I can turn this disorganized blog into an art archive soon. For now, feel free to visit my alternative links!

Till then!


[EDIT] I added various pages for my pieces, yay! the features and widgets here are so handy. [/EDIT]

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