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Still no camera, but I’m still whipping pieces from paintings to sketches. Update with a Clown Demon Portrait. She’s probably my fave (hence my Gravatar userpic) out of my girls. I’m a sucker for dark, perky characters. Her portrait came out brighter than I expected. Her long neck slightly bothers me, but I’ll see if it bothers me a week later. If it does, I’ll tone down the neck and add a little more to her face and hair.

Rag Doll

Jealousy Queen

Also, two new girls joined “Supernaturally Feminine”. Rag Doll is a concept I wanted to test, but Jealousy Queen is a bit more personal. Go to the gallery to read about them and the other girls!



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I still don’t have a camera, but I’ve added my smaller paintings. I swear the colors of the two paintings are a lot better in real life. One is a acrylic portrait of the Vanity Spirit from my art series, “Supernaturally Feminie”; other is a piece for VSA Disability Postcard Project. Postcard projects are small, but fun and very useful, resume-worthy exposure. Postcards from the Edge by VisualAIDS is another neat show.

I’m over… and OUT! <– (Sneaker Pimps reference)


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this blog has been pretty neglected. I’ve been more active on my LiveJouranal Sketchblog. Part of it is because I don’t have a camera anymore, but I do still have a scanner and a laptop where I can update smaller pieces, which are usually my sketches. However, I did remove and add pieces to my Drawing and Painting gallery. They both looked rather lonely and disorganized. It looks a bit livelier now. Also, I started two new series called “Supernaturally Feminine” and “Daily Murasaki Doodles”. You can view them under my Drawing gallery’s subpages or the new “Art Series” sidebar on the main page. It only took me forever to figure out how to clean and organize all the pages.

The name, “Supernaturally Feminine” comes from the deviantART group Supernatural Femmes. It’s another “doodles on the back of the karaoke request sheet” series like the “Tarot of No Promise”. I love creating and reinventing gods, goddesses, spirits, demons, and those sorts so for this series I skeched portraits of my supernatural girls. If you visit the gallery and click on an image, it has a brief description of the girl’s backgrounds. As long as I attend Thursday Night Karaoke at Prospect Cafe, there will be more to come! Also, I’m starting to paint the portraits as well. I’m thinking about character portraits for my senior thesis. Unlike game character design though, my portraits will explore the concept of alter-egos and split personalities.

“Daily Murasaki Doodles” are simple, lighthearted and slightly dark sketches I did at work. Being a hostess at a restaurant, I have a lot of free time, especially on lazy days like Sundays and Mondays. To kill this lack of productivity, I decided to doodle on the little notepads the restaurant has to record the day’s sales. Half of the notepads are gone from me doodling. Thank god my co-workers and bosses enjoy my doodles (even the slightly darker ones). Doodling and sketching are good habits. Even if it’s just one dumb little drawing the more you draw, the more you get better. A sketch a day keeps the art block away.

[EDIT] DMD is no longer updated on this blog. View the full series right here on my facebook [/EDIT] 

Hopefully, I get my hands on a camera soon to update my portfolio. It’s all mostly experimental pieces, but it’s still worth adding to my work.


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