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Hey y’all~

I realized this semester will be my last… my god, I’m graduating? already? Ahhh, there’s never enough time. Since I won’t have a good studio space like this one after I graduate, I figured I’d post a few pictures of my studio space in the Painting & Drawing Department at the University of Hartford’s Hartford Art School. I’m really gonna miss this space and my studio buddies…

Bird’s-eye view of my space. I borrowed a ladder from administration so I could work on large drawings  safely. There was a still in our studio with a really loose leg. Without looking, I climbed up to work on my drawing—and CRASH! Ohhh, one of many art school injuries. At least I have no permanent scars.

Close-ups of my tools of trade and a sneak peek at my current projects. It doesn’t look like much, but I swear I’ll make more as the semester starts brewing. I already learned so much more after a week of class! They complete me since they’re everything I’ve been dying to expand upon. Oh, if anyone noticed, that’s a bunny hand puppet next to my backpack. I call it the “Jaclyn (professor) Harassment Bunny” (like the “Sexual Harassment Panda” in SouthPark). It’s an inside joke.

I had fun with the ladder and decided to mark our half of the department. Since our department divided into two groups into two studios, we made team names. We’re the “Skinny Walrus” versus the “Fat Manatees” (I’m pretty sure they’re bong names for some reason).

our friend Beena Azeem made the “Skinny Walrus” logo/mascot collaging images found online. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the original illustrator is, but apparently, it’s a walrus in skinny jeans.

We should take a group picture of HAS Painting & Drawing 2012, but for now, back to work! Senior show deadline will haunt me before I know it.



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Hey, y’all~

Uploaded studies of the “Hair Monster”. The creature is evolving with a mind and life of its own! scary how these things work… In a strange sense, I feel like a mad scientist creating a new life form and studying them obsessively. Hopefully, they won’t team up to destroy me (although I’m starting sense they’re already doing it slowly). These studies are fairly small, no bigger than 11″x14″. Tools of trade range from colored pencils, graphite, ink, and gouache. Basically, various experimentation of mediums and surfaces. I’ve started to post sketches of these guys on my sketch blog as well. I have to write a thesis statement for these guys soon. Oh, noes~


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