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I love how I cross out one thing on my to-do list only to add like, a million more. I’m losing sleep early on in the semester like a good student, harhar. My studio diet consists of hot water and pretzels. Otherwise, my health is corrupting from food to sleep.

A way overdue post for this piece, “Hair Monsters in Love”. Hopefully, this photo will only be temporary since it’s not the best, especially on white ground. Charcoal is my “bestie” while graphite is my “bffl”. It felt exciting to finally buy a jar of charcoal powder. Breath in the black dusty goodness (I’m not gonna live very long). I love the softness of the medium.

Installation photos from fall semester final critique to give you an idea of size. I’m becoming a master of paper wrestling! The paper is so heavy and big, I needed to us a staple gun since the tacks kept popping off. Working on a large scale feels relieving though. My entire body gets to move around with the drawing.  I don’t follow the “bigger the better” art philosophy, but I highly recommend it if you’ve never done it. If anything, it’ll help you catch your mistakes.

Currently, I’m doing wig studies like the one above. When inventive drawings drive me insane, life drawing reassures me. My professor tells me I should showcase the studies alongside the “Hair Monsters”. I’ll think about that… Loose, stringy hairs are my new fave things to draw, haha.

Bonus shot of an unfinished study and me… I don’t remember what I was doing. Expect more project photos in the near future!



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Um, yeah… this setup is the first thing people see when they walk into the studio. Welcome to the department? My friend gave me her scrap wigs she used for her sculpture projects. I figured I’ll do some drawing studies of these, so my “Hair Monsters” would look a little more convincing. The generic shading doesn’t work real well on a large scale.

The two wigs above are from my boyfriend. For cheap wigs, they’re not bad at all! They maintain their shape fairly well. Scrap wigs are not only super frizzy (which actually makes it interesting to draw), but also extremely tangly. I’ll be uploading graphite and charcoal studies soon… hopefully.


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