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Hells, YES! we had a full house at our show opening! Our show was pretty bitchin’. I’d say we’ve made a great start for the Hartford Art School (HAS) senior shows. Yes, I’m totally bragging my butt off. Our show took place at University of Hartford’s Joseloff Gallery. It was a great space for Painting & Drawing to collaborate with Sculpture.

works seen here: Stass Shpanin (large paintings) and Jocelyn Rosenberg (sculpture on ground)

seen here: Christine Gaston (floating sculpture) and Beena Azeem (paintings)

on the left: Margaret "Maggie" Vaughn

here: Vicky Healy (sculpture), Alyssa Nett (paintings behind sculpture), and Patrick Fernald (right)

Note: photos were taken before the place got packed. For a clearer view of the exhibit, check out the gallery’s facebook page. They even have installation photos too.

There are 13 Painting & Drawing majors and 4 Sculpture majors. Since there are not only many of us but also many of us that work big, we had to do a jurying. I managed to get 4 pieces in. Basically, all my recent large works and a study I didn’t care for, but got in anyways. I promise I’ll upload portfolio images later.

me and the boyfriend. ♥

OH-EM-GHEE, people are actually looking at my work! Seriously, it’s great to see my work get some attention outside of class. It tells me I’m going the right direction with my work.

bonus shot: random cookie platter b/c my boyfriend was the photographer and he obviously had food on his mind. Links to my studio buddies, who has a website: Stass Shpanin, Jessica Fallis, and Beena Azeem.

…and that is all!



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Hey y’all~

MORE PHOTOS TO COME! Here’s a quick update with our group photo. That’s almost all of us!

everybody HAPPY!

We had a full house at one point! Not one section of the gallery was empty. Man, that night was EPIC. Ok, back to class.


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This show is the reason why I’ve been absent from this blog. After I graduate, I’m totally going to catch up on life. Hopefully, I’ll have the blog more organized with titles and media of each work. I wanna give “Hair Monster” it’s own website too. Ugh, and my poor, poor, neglected sketchblog… I don’t even know where to start!

Simple business card is very simple. Next Day Flyers did an awesome job! Very quick and inexpensive compared to what others in my class paid.


An old (like, a month ago?) “what now, bitches?” photo. Some pieces people may or may not see at the show. Our work is getting juried by all the professors in the department this upcoming Thursday, wish me luck! The drawing shown in the photo and the one on the business card is currently being exhibited at the Joseloff Gallery.

Ok, I think I’m over and out.


p.s. bonus pic of me and Béèñå Äzêëm at 3 AM being slaves to the studio cave.

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