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Hello all,

I meant to simple post some progress shots, but since I ended up taking multiple WIP I figured, why not do a post on my process?

Remember this drawing? Like I’ve mentioned in the previous post, it’s inspired by a Berlinde de Bruckyere drawing. It’s more of a conte pencil experiment than a “Hair Monster” experiment.

I wanted a subtle red glow to the drawing, so I mapped out the values very quickly with a red conte pencil. I used my wig as a general reference for shading hair.

After that, I pretty much start from one corner and steadily work my way down.

Towards the end, I do some minor detailing such as adding highlights and textures with a kneaded eraser and intensifying the red here and there.

Meet My B.B., conte on paper, 18″x 24″

By the time I finished the drawing, I wondered if the hand and shoulders were really necessary, but too late! I had a lot of fun with this experiment.

“i’m watching you masturbate sleep.”

How it looks in my studio corner. I’m a very mature individual, haha.

A shot of my next “B.B.” experiment just cause I had so much fun with the first. It’s giving me an excuse to play with conte pencils and pay hommage to one of my fave artists. As far as I’m concerned, this “steal” is a win-win.

Okay, I’m over and out.



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As promised, here’s a post on my new charcoal hair studies. Photos aren’t the highest quality since I snagged my boyfriend’s camera phone. Note: I’ll have sketches and thumbnails on my sketchbook blog  that goes along with these drawings.

Before that, here’s a layout of one of my current workplace. It’s a dark corner, haha. At least there’s a little window on the other side. The boyfriend usually keeps the blinds down since it creates a glare on the TV. Advantages of having a generous boyfriend, who lets me use his space:  I get to work on my projects, chill with someone I love, and listen to John Stewart (and other shows) in the background!

“Hair Study: On Her Throne I”

“Hair Study: On Her Throne II”

It looks like a creepy family portrait when they’re next each other. My friends told me one of my wig studies (not posted) looked like an octopus. I don’t know why, but these ones remind me of scorpions.

Finally, a WIP piece inspired by a Berlinde de Bruyckere drawing. She has definitely become one of my fave artists. I want to see her work in person SO BAD! Her work is a beautiful marriage of the beauty and the grotesque.

Yay, a solid blog update!


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I have been indulging in summer… hence this blog’s negligence.

sneak peek

Here’s an image of my “studio” to show you I’m still making work. I’ve also been more active on my sketchbook blog, which also needs to be updated, haha.

Enjoy the short “I’m not dead yet” post.


p.s. There will be “Hair Monster” sketches on the sketch book blog as well.

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