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As promised, a blog update about FOCUS NEXT: A Juried Art Show Presented By TheaterWorks and Paper New England. I met so many talented people in one night, it’s an honor to be part of this show with them!

the gallery space is on the right (behind the silver car).

one of my “Hair Monster” piece is reflecting off the placard, haha.

Here’s where we had our show! The theater looks so magical at night. Photos taken by the boyfriend with his favorite new toy camera phone.

my piece was hung at the entrance! it was so cool because it’s the first piece people saw from outside.

Close-up of the two pieces that got in.

here’s the boyfriend holding my flowers and gifts… and those are drawings displayed by the window.

Overall, I thought it was a great space. It’s small enough to be a welcoming lounge and big enough to exhibit varieties of work. However, when the place got crowded, we were packed! It became real difficult to take photos without other people hovering over or squeezing by. Due to this reason, we couldn’t get all the pieces photographed.


MATT COMEAU (he’s the one who did the drawings by the window; unfortunately, our photos didn’t transfer well, but you can view them via link)

KATIE WILD (this photo shows how difficult it was to take good pictures in the squeezing crowd)

SANDRA “SANDY” CHASE (I was studio buddies with her!)

We’ve actually taken more photos, but I decided I didn’t want to give the whole show away . Experience it yourselves!  (I’m sorry Kaitlin Lennon and Katherine Crescenzo, I couldn’t get good images of your work)

Ahh, what a fun night. Making new artist friends is great.



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Check it out! I got this fancy little evite today.

It makes me look legit. You should totally visit if you’re in the area!


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Opening Reception: October 20th, 5-7 PM at TheaterWorks City Arts on Pearl 233 Pearl St. Hartford, CT 06103 Click here for directions. 

TheaterWorks “In The Gallery” information page

I’ve been spamming Twitter and Facebook about this event, but here’s a blog post for the hell of it. Jenni Friedman, a professor in our Printmaking Department, recommended me to apply for a juried show; next thing I know, I got in with our beloved friend Sandra “Sandy” Chase. Shout-out to Jenni: I’ve never taken your class, but I’m happy my work managed to make an impression!

In short, TheaterWorks City Arts on Pearis a cozy, wondrous place where theater, music, dance, and visual arts are brought together in Hartford, CT. Paper New England is a community dedicated to promote works from drawings to sculpture made on/of paper. I think I’m falling in love with this group. To this day, I’ve had visiting artists tell me—and I quote—”Drawing holds promises, but painting is what’s solid”. There are also conservative artists and art collectors who won’t even look at a work unless it’s an oil painting on linen on canvas (then there are the “high art” snobs who nit-picks values between a painting and an illustration, but that’s a completely different rant). It felt great to see people who not only enjoys but takes works on paper seriously as more than sketches and studies for a painting or a sculpture.

poster for the broadway

Currently on show is Venus in Fur.  Unfortunately, I don’t know much about it. From what I’ve heard it sounds like a commentary on gender roles told through broadway woes and S&M. Whatever it’s really about, it did win a 2012 Tony Award, so it’s worth a shot. Sorry to give a half-assed review, but I’m not even sure if I can make it to the play. Note: the gallery is open to all, but you must make reservations for the broadway! 

That is all.


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