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Sorry all,





I got you guys excited with the last post only to let you know I’m going on a little hiatus. Currently, I’m moving into my boyfriend’s place. Once everything’s settled, I promise I’ll update you guys with a walkthrough post of my painting. My to-do list is growing so big, it’s almost distracting! On the bright side, I guess it’s better than having nothing to do, haha kill me now. 



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If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw this WIP shot of my birthday/christmas project for the boyfriend. Why am I making a big deal about this silly little painting? It’s the first painting I actually feel in control in! During my art school years, painting has been a love-hate relationship. Since I’ve been drawing more than I painted, it was hard to think about lights and darks in terms of color as opposed to tones. A conversation between one of my professors and me: 

“When I see this object, I see some warm yellow ocres in the lights, but over in the shadows I can see some cool yellows combined with cobalt and alizarin red… What does this object look like to you?”

“Um… orange?”

“… Really? That’s weird.

I was as good as a colorblind circus monkey. Almost all my paintings ended up muddy looking from mixing and blending on the canvas instead of actually studying and making the right colors on my palette. In the end, I relearned a lot about color and optical blending by going digital. Did you know you could still muddy digital paintings? That’s when I realized choosing the right color and its placement was key NOT physical blending (although it occasionally helps).

Anyways, before I ramble off, I’ll have walkthrough post coming up where I’ll reflect on what I’ve  relearned with this silly little painting.


P.S. For those of you more interested in my “Hair Monster” series, don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned her. Though I have to admit, she’s a little difficult to blog about since I want people to see her as more than an image and other “fine art” lah-tee-daas.


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