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Before this blog becomes too neglected again, here’s another set of  “Hair Monster” sketches I’ve collected from the sketchbook blog. It’s kind of like how deviantART artists combine their Tumblr doodles into one post… yeah, that kind of update. Archer is on in less than thirty minutes, so I better get a good portion of my commission done along with this post.


A painted “Hair Monster” on the back of my sketchbook. Whenever I finish a sketchbook, I’m always in denial that I’ve used up all the pages. Also, I still had the urge to keep painting after I finished the Nautilus piece, so I’ve combined the two desires and painted on the back of my sketchbook with leftover paints. I’d like to expand on this experiment in the near future.



Inspired by “The Wolf Girl” and “The Dog Girl of Ukraine”, it’s so strange how animals and humans are so close yet so different.


Playing around with enraged, fearful, and jaded eyes from various movies. Can you guess who and what film they’re from? Needless to say, I’m a horror junkie.


Found a wonderful set of stock photos by SenshiStock. I’m probably scrapping this idea, but definitely taking advantage of her reference photos.



Witch and Lost Rapunzel II, not much to say.

The landlord gave me permission to thumbtack walls, but I don’t think he knows how much I actually need to use to pin down a giant, heavy-duty paper. Seriously, it’s easier said than done; however, my boyfriend and I may have found an alternative technique. We’ll see how it goes before I destroy a part of the apartment. Then, hopefully, I can start posting about new “Hair Monster” projects!



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