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Short post~
Screen shot 2013-03-29 at 12.47.02 PM

Letting you all know that I’ve cleaned up the website a little. Now, it has a “Commissions” and “Rough” page. I’ve added and subtracted works from other galleries too. Definitely more to come in the “Commissions” gallery.



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Once again, this blog is neglected. In all fairness, I was swarmed with co-workers wanting commissions from portraits to tattoos. What’s really cool is I got me not just one, but two “Hair Monster” commissions! Currently, I’m contemplating whether I want to add a “Commissions” page or not on my website; I will definitely be making a “Rough” page though (eventually).


Meanwhile, these guys have been sitting around for quite a while due to the sudden influx of new projects (I’m also a bit embarrassed to admit that the big paper on the wall has been blank for a while). Nothing too serious, simply experimenting with ideas that’s been vaulted in my sketchbook. I feel like I’m going somewhere with the study on the far right. The other two was more for fun. Can you guess what films they’re from?

Alright, now I gotta go pee.


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