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Quick update before I fly to Japan on Saturday. It’s only for a week, but I’m starting to get pretty pumped. I’ve been so busy with commissions, I may put my services on hold just to get some “Hair Monster” pieces done. The studies and ideas have been sitting in my sketchbooks for so long, it’s about time I move it onto a grander scale. Two new pieces added to the website:


“Beehive Ghost”

It’s so exciting to get a “Hair Monster” commission! What’s more flattering than someone wanting to own your original creation? My friend and co-worker wanted one with a beehive hair like hers, so the fashionista twist was a whole lot of fun. Strangely, I find drawing braids to be very meditative.


“I’m (Not) Open to Falling from Grace”

This one’s a revisited piece. Although it was rejected from my BFA show, I didn’t want to give up on it yet. I cropped the image a few times and polished up drawing. What use to be 5ft x 5ft is now approximately (guesstimating) 2ft x 3ft. Lately, I’m noticing most of my “Hair Monsters” are falling apart.

Okay, hopefully, I can plow through the rest of the commissions and come back with more “Hair Monster” updates.



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