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Yup, like the title suggests with actual progress. These two drawings are taking longer than I thought, but I’m very happy with them. Instead of straightforwardly drawing and drafting the images, I’m actually getting the hang of “painting” with a piece of charcoal and using the medium’s distinct characteristics. Originally, these pieces were for the sake of expanding my portfolio; now, they’ve reminded me the joy of drawing for drawing’s sake beyond doodling and sketching.


When I purchase another $80 roll of paper (sobbing), I’m definitely attempting both versions again. Finally, I love it when experiments succeed! It’s a nice confidence boost.



Close-ups of the suckers.



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Wow, I totally forgot I’ve saved a draft post. Before I neglect this blog any further, here are some GPOYs/WIPs from Tumblr.


Creep show post.


Charcoal fingers. I’m pretty proud of the creature behind me. Finally, I feel like I’m going somewhere slightly different!



While I was cleaning, I found these! Way before I started working large, I had a series of small “Hair Monsters”. After looking through Zak Smith’s pieces, I thought it was really cool how he makes a statement by overwhelming the viewer with a mosaic of little paintings and drawings. To get my mind running on how these creatures act and behave around themselves, I made twenty small sketches. Unfortunately, they were rejected from my BFA show, but I’m considering to re-explore this small to medium scale again. After all, not all memorable pieces are large—look at da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Dali’s The Persistence of Memory!





Close-up of the four drawings I was particularly found of.

I may be joining a local group show in the near future. Since their space is pretty limited, it’s an even better excuse to not only crank out more pieces but also revisit working small.


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Of course,

right when we got comfortable with the gorgeous weather, mother nature decides to pms and release massive amounts of cold rain.  Soaking up the sunlight in the studio felt amazing! Now, it’s all doom and gloom again. I guess it’s about time for an update.


Besides commissions and art trades, I’ve been working on two new “Hair Monsters”. To be honest, I’m not sure what I’m doing, but strangely I feel like that’s a good thing. I want these pieces to be like my sketchbook pages where people can see my struggles and experiments of coming up with an image.




A few sketches that sparked the idea for the two drawings.

It may seem like I’ve planned out the process, but I’m trying to avoid being too formulaic. Making the same drawing from start to finish can be pretty boring for me and the viewer. I only do that when I have a straightforward project like an illustration or a commission. My brain’s ready to explode, but these drawings are my therapy.


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