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Location: The S.P.A.C.E. and The Backspace Galleries 266 Pine Street, Suite 105 Burlington, VT
Date: OPENING RECEPTION on Friday, October 4th; show runs until the 26th
Time: 5 PM-10PM


My scanner didn’t do justice to this wonderful image by Denise Letendre Bach. The actual postcard is beautiful! It reminds me of an Anselm Kiefer painting.

Once again, I’ll be part of The S.P.A.C.E. and The Backspace Galleries’ annual The Art of Horror juried group show this month. The opening reception is this Friday and I’m meeting up with one of my studios loves, Jessica Fallis. I’m so excited!

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 6.31.44 PM

Yay, featured on the galleries’ website!

For more information, visit their post. Burlington, VT is a beautiful city with a cozy art district. After dropping off my pieces, my best friend and I were tempted to spend the rest of the day sightseeing and crashing on the streets for the night (sorry for those of you looking forward to seeing the pictures on Twitter, he hasn’t sent me the images on his phone).



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Tattoos 2

Posted new tattoo designs I did for my co-workers on the website. As usual, brainstorming sketches are posted on my sketchbook blog. There will definitely be more tattoo posts in the future!




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Location: In The Soda Plant @ Kilburn and Pine 266 Pine Street, Suite 105 Burlington, VT

Date: opening reception on Friday, October 4th; show runs until the 26th

Time: 5 PM-10PM (or later depending on how hard you party!)

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 2.24.34 PM

I will be part of The S.P.A.C.E and Backspace Galleries’ annual The Art of Horror 2013 juried exhibition. Out of over 200 pieces, all five of my submissions were chosen! It’s great to see my work is appealing to many audiences. I was starting to question my three recent “Hair Monsters”, but opportunities like this one tells me it was worth it.  The following pieces will be presented at the show: 


“Hair Monster By Feet”, my first successful piece in the project.


“Going”, the piece everyone seems to like… strange (I guess size matters).


“I’m (Not) Open To Falling From Grace”, a revamped reject from my BFA thesis.


“Knot Me”, my personal fave.


“A Ghost is Born”, an experiment with pleasant surprises. I’ll definitely explore this concept further.

Many thanks to Jessica Fallis for not only suggesting me this show, but also offering a place to crash. I can’t wait to see her, the beautiful state of Vermont, and what the Burlington art scene has to offer. These excitements will make my 4-hour drive very rewarding. Wish me luck!


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