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One of my drawings is featured on both newsprint and online article of Seven Days Vermont! How cool is that?


other features: “And They Found Mother… (Death By Dental Floss) by Katherine Taylor-McBroom; “Attachment Disorder” by Jenn LeBlanc

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 10.47.08 PM

click HERE to read it in full.

The writer gives an overview of the show and highlights selected artists and their pieces. When I read how she described me as “the showstopper”, I squealed with joy. I mean, it’s my first published positive feedback, I have the right to be excited and naive! I also loved that she mentioned “approaching them feels like making contact with real, live monsters. Kind of makes you nervous to turn your back”. To me, it’s a small, but happy “win”.

Ahhh, so much positive energy from this show!




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here are overdo images from The S.P.A.C.E. and The Backspace Galleries’ juried group exhibition, The Art of Horror. I have to apologize in advance, I forgot my camera AGAIN, so I had to borrow my boyfriend’s dying camera phone to snap what I could. However, the galleries have a Facebook page where you can more photos from the event (including a video of the fire performance!).  They even got featured on the local news where my piece got a split-second spotlight! Check it! 

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 3.14.08 AM

Beth Robinson’s “Strange Dolls” blog

First, it was wicked cool to see that Beth Robinson, the curator of the show, featured my work on her blog. I couldn’t contain my giddiness when she told me how much she enjoyed my drawings. Having my work appreciated outside art school activity is really exciting!


When you ask for directions to the gallery, they tell you “look for the spaceman”. Of course, me being a horrible navigator entered from behind and missed this landmark. Now I know…




First two pieces spotted!


This one always look uncomfortable around people… just the way I like it.


I should’ve written down the name of the artist next to me. Those drawings are beautiful in person! The works have the right amount of “color vs. grayscale” and “sketch vs rendering”.


Entrance to the back studios.


My two other pieces under the show title! I find it so flattering since it’s like being the first impression of the exhibit. Also, it’s behind the refreshments table, so when people want snacks they have no choice but to at least glimpse at my drawings, haha.


This one was hard to take a picture of since it was a dark corner facing away from the entrance. Also, it’s where there was always a huddle of people socializing (hence the weird shadow).



Bonus photo of my boyfriend holding a bearded lizard. He looked so happy. The owner on the left has her on a leash, which I thought was cute. 

I almost wished the night would never end since there were so much I wanted to talk about with so many new people. It was such a warm, encouraging welcome. For photos of Beth’s studio, check out my Tumblr post. I love the enchanted mad science lab kind of atmosphere in her space. It’s real neat to see artists’ personalities light up in their studios. Can’t wait to visit again when I pick up the pieces!


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