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I’ve been doing a lot of colored pencil doodlings in my sketchbook. When I was in junior high to high school, colored pencils were a must in my bag. For some reason, I practically abandoned them when I reached art school. Now, I’m reconsidering them as a serious medium. I might ditch my current digital illustrations and start them over traditionally. The craft and process, I think, would be more enjoyable for me and the viewers.


I don’t know if it looks like him anymore, but he was fun to draw. Sonia and I bonded over how we share the same birthdate as Keanu Reeves.

“Hair Monster” is still around, just taking a break from posts.



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I figured I’ll post a few pieces I finished because otherwise, this blog will be neglected for months again. Both pieces can also be seen on my website. Feedbacks welcomed as long as you keep it drama-free!


My Favorite Things 01

I’m getting better at using colors in general. Before, I took a handful of my favorite colors and splashed it around until it looked decent, which made my paintings look muddier and muddier. I feel like I’m using my colors to the fullest now. Hopefully, I get to a point where I can strategically move colors around the composition.


WIP screenshot I posted on Twitter. I’m excited for this one because I’ve always wanted to do an “organized clutter” kind of drawing.  To be honest, I’m not too sure how I’ll make these colors work, but I’ll figure it out.


Sandy The Spirit Kitty

This piece is pretty old. Part of an unfinished mini series (it’s embarrassing how I have many of these) I did towards the end of senior year to commemorate my art school friends. Sandy has the power of sunshine and rainbows—enough said. Every Friday, she would bring us a generous supply of donuts for us to snack on throughout our 12hr studio sessions.

I like the raw look of sketches, but I also like fully rendered pieces. I want to somehow bring the best of both worlds.


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there goes 2013… I’ll just leave it at that. the holiday season’s close to an end, which means I have more time to work on projects. I’ve been taking a break from “Hair Monster” and dabbling in other mediums.


full view of the painted cami.

My boyfriend’s co-worker invited us to her crafting party, so I painted this shirt. Since my retail job had a stripes and polka dots theme day coming up, I decided to get creative instead of taking it so literally (although at this point, it’s considered a “conversational print” not polka dot). I haven’t done traditional painting in so long, it felt nice to get my hands dirty again.


close-up (somewhat) of all the eyes.

Photo on 2014-01-11 at 15.04

the shirt on me.


close-up of an eyeball.

 All I used are cheap acrylic craft paints—no joke, only 69¢ a piece—mixed with fabric medium. I had so much fun, I want to make a bunch more! What to create and wear next?




Then, there’s this mini series I’ve simply entitled, “My Favorite Things”. Basically, portraits of my ghost persona doing whatever it’s heart desires. Small, straight-forward projects like this one gives me a sense of accomplishment that I don’t always get with “Hair Monster”. Also, it’s a good excuse to practice how to compose an illustration.


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