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I’m snowed in… blog post!

I’ve been working on a lot of illustrative works lately, but I always make sure I got a “Hair Monster” project in between. Since I’m not in the 21st century, I don’t have an Instagram (or a touch-screen phone for that matter, haha)  to make my WIP shots look cool. I apologize for the shoddy qualities


On top of that, my camera decided to die on me before I could get a clearer image. I guess this weirdly angled shot will have to do. I’ve actually changed the piece on the left quite a bit. Despite the mess and frustration, this “treating the final paper like a sketchbook page” method is generating positive results. Sometimes the direct transfer from blueprint to product works, but other times it feels very stagnant and boring. Meanwhile, the one on the right is a drawing a tore straight out of the sketchbook. I started doodling with charcoal and it turned into something that could be relevant to the series.


The close-up reminds me of helpless prey wrapped in a spiderweb.


A close-up of a creep show coming to a theater near you!


What’s currently crowding my desk. This type of mess follows me everywhere I decide to settle and work.

Okay, time for me to shovel my car out of the blizzard. Damn you, New England weather! Just few days ago, it gave us rain and warm(er) temperatures—now, it’s shitting snow storms.

Stay warm, my friends.



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