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I’ve been trying to start a collaborative project with Laura Spicer, Amanda Zenobio and Anne Saffron, so my mind and projects have been everywhere. Crossing my fingers that it comes together gracefully, but until then, it’s a secret! It’s been a while since I posted any doodles on this blog, so here are two sketches I thought were relevant:

hairmood01April had a really shitty start for me, so it’s my panic attack in a drawing. It’s not so much drawing what I feel, but making marks that calm me down. I don’t imagine it becoming a fully rendered “Hair Monster” piece though since I don’t like forcing linear narratives in the audience’s minds.


Soon after that gloomy doodle, I had to somewhat cheer myself up with a little bit of RiRi! It’s always the songs that you don’t even like that end up playing on loop in your head. Again, this type of mark-making slows me down and helps me get my shit together.

Mood swings are no fun. I don’t know what I’d do without my love for drawing.



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As promised, here are some progress photos with close-ups:


project one





two and three




It’s a pretty straight-forward post. Getting to the meditative stages in all three drawings. One of the reasons why they’re taking forever is because I’m constantly going back in forth between the charcoal and the kneaded eraser. Again, it’s a soothing process, but it takes soooo loooonnnggg… I’m trying to work every inch of the surface instead of rendering one corner and hashing everything else.


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Tonight, I’m posting a few small projects that I’ve fully finished. I’ll update more “Hair Monster” WIPs in a day or two. Taking progress shots motivates me since I don’t work linearly from one project to another. I’m the type who likes working on multiple pieces at once, so sometimes it’s hard to see if I made any accomplishments. Thank you loyal bloggers, who haven’t un-followed me yet!


“My Favorite Things 02”

 Anyways, this piece took a million years. Part two of my “ghost persona” illustrations—part three is in the brainstorming because “3” is a sound number. Also, I personally think there’s a HUGE improvement between part one and two, so why not take it up a notch with part three? Unlike the first attempt, this piece seems more interesting and authentic in terms of color, composition, and subject matter. I was going for a “soft grunge” look, but next time, maybe I’ll do something about those puke green walls.



 Full photos of the marker sketches from the previous post. Lately, I’ve been very inspired by ilse Valfé. Her fashionable girls with that sweet-and-sour attitude makes me smile. At Anime Boston 2014, I was invited to join Otakon’s art auction by their staff representatives, so I might submit these guys for their charities. The money would go to a good cause, the drawings won’t have to collect dust in my studio—it’s a win-win.



A little birthday piece for Nina Hartley, whom I’ll be seeing at the EXXXOTICA Expo next week.  I can’t wait for that little vacation! April has been a crappy start for me.

Time for some bagels and  Real Time with Bill Maher. Stay tuned for more!


p.s. Bonus: my Anime Boston 2014 Cosplay Favorites are on Tumblr.

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