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Another warm-up doodle I got carried away with. You can see the clean scans on my website. I decided to enhance the marker drawings with colored pencils. It not only helps with smooth transitions, but adds interesting textures.





 I’m officially an Otakon 2014 staff member and pretty much set for the art auction registration. Instead of tossing them all in, I think I’ll have some of their veterans pick out which one (it costs $20 per piece for entry, yeesh) may be best for show. Ideally, I wanted them in the charity auction, but I heard that division’s primarily for items autographed by anime celebs (i.e. voice actors, directors, etc). It would be cool if the little money I make—if any—could be for a good cause.

It’s heating up in my room, so time for me to enjoy some sorbet.

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