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I’m totally putting off wedding craft posts, but these projects have been sitting around even longer.


I got the necklace at Tokyo Disney’s Pirates of The Carribean ride, if anyone’s wondering.


oh, the pretty colors made to create this ugly thing.


Decided to another Necronomicon box as a color, design and material experiment. I’m thinking of making an army of these for an Etsy account. Next up, I’ll be crafting with slightly bigger boxes to make a clutch.




this one was a request from a friend.


Well these drawings took a million years to upload. Colored pencil tattoo flash to kickstart my portfolio. I have hopeful news coming up real soon. For now, I’m keeping it a secret ’cause I don’t want to jinx it. I also want to see if I can somehow incorporate these types of illustrations alongside the Necronomicon crafts.

Happy Summer!



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Long time no see!

Wedding plans have been keeping me busy (30 days *internal shrieking*). Eventually, I’ll make a big post that’s all about my DIY adventures. For now, procrastination level: made a Necronomicon pencil case out of a half-and-half carton.



Lately, DIY videos on Youtube has been an addiction. There are so many creative people around the world turning trash to treasure! Unlike the Youtube crafters, I’m really bad at wrapping things beautifully and seamlessly. To cover up my failure of a wrapping job I papier-mached it and decorated with hot glue and acrylic paints. Will definitely making another one (or two) since it was so much fun!


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Hey y’all~

Here’s a potential publication shot of my commission for Matterhorn Mini Golf.


I’m proud of his chest piece. He’s simply titled, “Frank” because “Frankengoat” was too long for me. My client and I agreed that he will be the goat kids love and parents hate. Needless to say, he is VERY different from the other artists’ goats.

I can’t wait to see his placement on the course with others! Will be uploading process photos soon.


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there goes 2013… I’ll just leave it at that. the holiday season’s close to an end, which means I have more time to work on projects. I’ve been taking a break from “Hair Monster” and dabbling in other mediums.


full view of the painted cami.

My boyfriend’s co-worker invited us to her crafting party, so I painted this shirt. Since my retail job had a stripes and polka dots theme day coming up, I decided to get creative instead of taking it so literally (although at this point, it’s considered a “conversational print” not polka dot). I haven’t done traditional painting in so long, it felt nice to get my hands dirty again.


close-up (somewhat) of all the eyes.

Photo on 2014-01-11 at 15.04

the shirt on me.


close-up of an eyeball.

 All I used are cheap acrylic craft paints—no joke, only 69¢ a piece—mixed with fabric medium. I had so much fun, I want to make a bunch more! What to create and wear next?




Then, there’s this mini series I’ve simply entitled, “My Favorite Things”. Basically, portraits of my ghost persona doing whatever it’s heart desires. Small, straight-forward projects like this one gives me a sense of accomplishment that I don’t always get with “Hair Monster”. Also, it’s a good excuse to practice how to compose an illustration.


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like the title suggests, i’ve been crafting. first, i’ve finally made what i’ve always wanted, a Sheela-na-gig necklace made out of Sculpey clay. Sheela is the ancient goddess of birth and creation, who particularly became popular during the Goddess phase of the feminist art movement. i find her to be strangely charming. now that’s a statement piece!


next, i decided to play around with plaster. it is such a fun material! i could’ve made this mask out of papier-mache, but i wanted the bumpy texture. this structure is only the base of the look. once i get a bottle of glue, flour, toilet paper, spirit gum, and cheap face paint, my monster transformation is complete! monster because the jaw is too inaccurate for it be a zombie. i wanted to go crazy with the teeth, which by the way were made with Sculpey.

ok, now i pass out.


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