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After scribbling down many ideas, I end up going with covering my goat with creepy crawly hair and then some. The owner of Matterhorn Mini Golf was very open and told me “creepy is good, as long as it’s not offensive”. Still, I figured I’ll e-mail here the designs to protect the families and their children (I say that as I cringe).


The colored version is scarier looking than the full body sketches.



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This post is way overdo. Typically, I make at least 10  pieces a year and end up only liking 3-4 of them. The fact that it’s less permanent than paint on canvas is a blessing and a curse. Paper is a carefree surface that invites me to make mistakes and experiments, which essentially brings out my “real” self (I think it’s true with most artists, especially when you flip through their sketchbook). However, it’s also vulnerable and overlooked unless it’s later protected and embellished by mattes and frames. Anyways, before I get carried away, here are the recent works:


“And She Bit Her Tongue”




“Rage Study: Ringu”

Kind cheated with the third one, but the top three are the ones that made it to Art of Horror 2014 at S.P.A.C.E. Gallery VT. Me, being a dummy, forgot to being a camera to the event. Obviously, I need to join the 21st century and get a smartphone. Inspirations include victorian mourning hair wreaths and horror films that require no specifications.


“Caught in A Web”



Of course, the pieces I work on the longest get the least amount of feedback. It’s a never-ending dilemma. However, I feel like I’m going somewhere with using the entire composition as oppose to plopping the subject into an empty environment.

These are all up for viewing on the website! 


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I like it when the studio starts looking this cluttered. Four of these pieces will be placed in the “vault”, not to be seen ever again. One is unfinished.


p.s. I finally bought more fixative and giant roll of paper!

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I’ve been trying to start a collaborative project with Laura Spicer, Amanda Zenobio and Anne Saffron, so my mind and projects have been everywhere. Crossing my fingers that it comes together gracefully, but until then, it’s a secret! It’s been a while since I posted any doodles on this blog, so here are two sketches I thought were relevant:

hairmood01April had a really shitty start for me, so it’s my panic attack in a drawing. It’s not so much drawing what I feel, but making marks that calm me down. I don’t imagine it becoming a fully rendered “Hair Monster” piece though since I don’t like forcing linear narratives in the audience’s minds.


Soon after that gloomy doodle, I had to somewhat cheer myself up with a little bit of RiRi! It’s always the songs that you don’t even like that end up playing on loop in your head. Again, this type of mark-making slows me down and helps me get my shit together.

Mood swings are no fun. I don’t know what I’d do without my love for drawing.


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As promised, here are some progress photos with close-ups:


project one





two and three




It’s a pretty straight-forward post. Getting to the meditative stages in all three drawings. One of the reasons why they’re taking forever is because I’m constantly going back in forth between the charcoal and the kneaded eraser. Again, it’s a soothing process, but it takes soooo loooonnnggg… I’m trying to work every inch of the surface instead of rendering one corner and hashing everything else.


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This post is mainly a “I’m not dead yet” update. Also, I wanted to get the last post out of the way. I couldn’t stand looking at the ugly experiment and I’m in denial that it came from me. A lot of professors have told me to save my work no matter how old or horrible it looks, so I can look back and see the progress, but some works simply drive me nuts!


Anyways, while rearranging the studio space, I found the drawing above. To be honest, I don’t even remember what I was trying to achieve with it. However, I feel like it’s going somewhere, so for now it’s a keeper. I like the grotesque texture. It reminds me of something yucky like blisters and bug bites.



These projects are coming along slowly but surely. I’m finally at the detailing stage, which is tedious but meditative.  I think I’ll start part two of the portrait, so the diptych can look consistent.


As for the sloppy, messy experimental drawing that I couldn’t stand to look, I’ve turned it into some marker experiments. They were a lot of fun, but I have no idea what to do with them. Right now, they’re just sitting around looking pretty and collecting dust. 

Lately, I’ve been doodling obsessively more so than usual. I get so carried away with doing warmup drawings that I’m starting to neglect all other projects. It’s a gift and a curse.


p.s. Anime Boston and EXXXOTICA EXPO are around the corner! wheeee~~~!!

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I’m snowed in… blog post!

I’ve been working on a lot of illustrative works lately, but I always make sure I got a “Hair Monster” project in between. Since I’m not in the 21st century, I don’t have an Instagram (or a touch-screen phone for that matter, haha)  to make my WIP shots look cool. I apologize for the shoddy qualities


On top of that, my camera decided to die on me before I could get a clearer image. I guess this weirdly angled shot will have to do. I’ve actually changed the piece on the left quite a bit. Despite the mess and frustration, this “treating the final paper like a sketchbook page” method is generating positive results. Sometimes the direct transfer from blueprint to product works, but other times it feels very stagnant and boring. Meanwhile, the one on the right is a drawing a tore straight out of the sketchbook. I started doodling with charcoal and it turned into something that could be relevant to the series.


The close-up reminds me of helpless prey wrapped in a spiderweb.


A close-up of a creep show coming to a theater near you!


What’s currently crowding my desk. This type of mess follows me everywhere I decide to settle and work.

Okay, time for me to shovel my car out of the blizzard. Damn you, New England weather! Just few days ago, it gave us rain and warm(er) temperatures—now, it’s shitting snow storms.

Stay warm, my friends.


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