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I’m totally putting off wedding craft posts, but these projects have been sitting around even longer.


I got the necklace at Tokyo Disney’s Pirates of The Carribean ride, if anyone’s wondering.


oh, the pretty colors made to create this ugly thing.


Decided to another Necronomicon box as a color, design and material experiment. I’m thinking of making an army of these for an Etsy account. Next up, I’ll be crafting with slightly bigger boxes to make a clutch.




this one was a request from a friend.


Well these drawings took a million years to upload. Colored pencil tattoo flash to kickstart my portfolio. I have hopeful news coming up real soon. For now, I’m keeping it a secret ’cause I don’t want to jinx it. I also want to see if I can somehow incorporate these types of illustrations alongside the Necronomicon crafts.

Happy Summer!



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Wedding project is not quite over, so here’s a sampling of “Thank You” cards! Thought I’d show off my range from creepy to cute.



I wish I had a fancy smartphone to take decent impromptu shots. Sorry for the short post, but I figured it was better than nothing.


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Here is an “I’m not dead yet” post with my finished wedding invite designs.


side A

Our wedding is Godzilla x Mothra theme because on our first date, he gave me a Godzilla figure (on our second, he gave me Gigan—slowly building a kaiju army since then). Illustration inspired by this scene. I wanted to do a quirky invite to make it unforgettable. Also, we’re silly people.


side B

Kept the back real simple since there’s a lot happening on the other side. Cheesy movie posters are the best! I’ve had difficulties with design courses in college since precision is everything. It was nice to loosen up.

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 11.48.24 PM

Putting this record here because it’s the first time I’ve used layers in such a complex manner! Definitely an upgrade compared to the very first time I dabbled in digital painting and design. Going to the print shop next week with the fiance. I’m so excited!

Hopefully, I’ll be posting more projects after the wedding preparation shenanigans. For experiments and doodles, check out my sketchbook blog on Tumblr


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Over the summer, I collaborated with G.W. Smith of Thee-Gartisan Works for his steampunk photo book. When he told me he wanted one of his books to be in comic book style with colored pencils, I was super excited! Finally, I got to do a big project with my favorite and strongest medium.


We begin with the original photo. In the foreground, we have our dark heroin tearing off a cyborg’s arm. Everyone else watches in disgust, except for the little lolita fairy sporting a smug grin.


Then onto Photoshop, where I overlay a reddish gradient to unify the color scheme. It makes it easier when I move onto the colored pencil stage. Also, I thought it brought out the anger and horror in our two main character’s faces.

Screen shot 2015-05-23 at 3.25.27 PM

I did a handful of paint-overs to construct the scene according to my client’s needs. The easiest part was adding more foliage to create a ground for the title text. Hardest part was making all the figures fit into the comic book layout.


Pencil outlines to be approved before I start inking and coloring. Drawing the portraits in comic book style while keeping their likeness made me a little nervous. As usual, I was afraid some audience would criticize how it looks “too anime”. Thankfully, the only comparison I got was with Archie comics.


Now to move Channing out of the way.


Plowing through the fun part of coloring in the figures. The details in steampunk outfits are incredible, so it was a challenge to determine what main characteristics to fully render.



Filling in the background one section at a time. I like starting from one corner and gradually move out so it doesn’t overwhelm me. Slow and steady wins the race.


Channing being my lazy understudy (thank god he didn’t leave in paw prints).



Now I can offer colored pencil projects to new clients with this piece as a sample. I enjoyed the process from start to finish.


Bonus image of my unfinished tattoo flash project. It’s been collecting dust for what feels like a decade, but I figured I’d post just to say it’s still a thing (although I’m actually not too far from finishing the set).


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Another warm-up doodle I got carried away with. You can see the clean scans on my website. I decided to enhance the marker drawings with colored pencils. It not only helps with smooth transitions, but adds interesting textures.





 I’m officially an Otakon 2014 staff member and pretty much set for the art auction registration. Instead of tossing them all in, I think I’ll have some of their veterans pick out which one (it costs $20 per piece for entry, yeesh) may be best for show. Ideally, I wanted them in the charity auction, but I heard that division’s primarily for items autographed by anime celebs (i.e. voice actors, directors, etc). It would be cool if the little money I make—if any—could be for a good cause.

It’s heating up in my room, so time for me to enjoy some sorbet.

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I got paid for a birthday commission! A friend of mine wanted a silly portrait of her boyfriend riding a stegosaurus. It’s a pretty straight forward project and post, so here are some pics with a few comments:


The most challenging part was his face not only because he loves to photo bomb with crazy expressions, but also because my dingy, childproof brush kept fraying. If I had a professional calligraphy brush, I’d have more control over small details in tight spaces. I felt ridiculous squatting in front of the easel and trying to keep my hands from shaking.


The palette reminds me of summer; left side is a night at a festival and the right is a day at the beach. Thankfully, she didn’t mind how the painting ended up with really saturated colors. I guess that’s what happens when you rush through color mixing.





As usual, I tend to think I do a better job sketching than the actual painting. Two things I should do next time: 1) after doing a monochromatic underpainting, work with a limited color palette and add color variety with glazing 2) offer colored pencil and mixed media commissions instead of a plain painting. Like I’ve said before, I think I’m better at drawing than painting anyways and they look a whole lot more interesting. Of course, that isn’t to say I don’t enjoy painting. Drawing just happens to be more “me”.


Well, I just received a text from her saying, “He LOVES it!!” It’s a mission accomplished. I don’t paint nearly as much as I should, so this project was a great excuse to get back in touch.


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Tonight, I’m posting a few small projects that I’ve fully finished. I’ll update more “Hair Monster” WIPs in a day or two. Taking progress shots motivates me since I don’t work linearly from one project to another. I’m the type who likes working on multiple pieces at once, so sometimes it’s hard to see if I made any accomplishments. Thank you loyal bloggers, who haven’t un-followed me yet!


“My Favorite Things 02”

 Anyways, this piece took a million years. Part two of my “ghost persona” illustrations—part three is in the brainstorming because “3” is a sound number. Also, I personally think there’s a HUGE improvement between part one and two, so why not take it up a notch with part three? Unlike the first attempt, this piece seems more interesting and authentic in terms of color, composition, and subject matter. I was going for a “soft grunge” look, but next time, maybe I’ll do something about those puke green walls.



 Full photos of the marker sketches from the previous post. Lately, I’ve been very inspired by ilse Valfé. Her fashionable girls with that sweet-and-sour attitude makes me smile. At Anime Boston 2014, I was invited to join Otakon’s art auction by their staff representatives, so I might submit these guys for their charities. The money would go to a good cause, the drawings won’t have to collect dust in my studio—it’s a win-win.



A little birthday piece for Nina Hartley, whom I’ll be seeing at the EXXXOTICA Expo next week.  I can’t wait for that little vacation! April has been a crappy start for me.

Time for some bagels and  Real Time with Bill Maher. Stay tuned for more!


p.s. Bonus: my Anime Boston 2014 Cosplay Favorites are on Tumblr.

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