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Wedding project is not quite over, so here’s a sampling of “Thank You” cards! Thought I’d show off my range from creepy to cute.



I wish I had a fancy smartphone to take decent impromptu shots. Sorry for the short post, but I figured it was better than nothing.



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IMG_20150313_155734Here’s a teaser photo of my goat! Ditched the black and red color scheme since it looked too Satanic to be in a mini golf course. I’ll leave it at that!


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This post is way overdo. Typically, I make at least 10  pieces a year and end up only liking 3-4 of them. The fact that it’s less permanent than paint on canvas is a blessing and a curse. Paper is a carefree surface that invites me to make mistakes and experiments, which essentially brings out my “real” self (I think it’s true with most artists, especially when you flip through their sketchbook). However, it’s also vulnerable and overlooked unless it’s later protected and embellished by mattes and frames. Anyways, before I get carried away, here are the recent works:


“And She Bit Her Tongue”




“Rage Study: Ringu”

Kind cheated with the third one, but the top three are the ones that made it to Art of Horror 2014 at S.P.A.C.E. Gallery VT. Me, being a dummy, forgot to being a camera to the event. Obviously, I need to join the 21st century and get a smartphone. Inspirations include victorian mourning hair wreaths and horror films that require no specifications.


“Caught in A Web”



Of course, the pieces I work on the longest get the least amount of feedback. It’s a never-ending dilemma. However, I feel like I’m going somewhere with using the entire composition as oppose to plopping the subject into an empty environment.

These are all up for viewing on the website! 


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I like it when the studio starts looking this cluttered. Four of these pieces will be placed in the “vault”, not to be seen ever again. One is unfinished.


p.s. I finally bought more fixative and giant roll of paper!

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as usual, Otakon 2014 was a whole lot of fun! This year, I not only made new friends, but also learned a lot from them. Running out of business cards to hand out is actually a nice feeling. I got me some pretty cool souvenirs too.


my official staff badge.

Lesson 1: Know Your Audience

Unfortunately, I didn’t sell any pieces, but all four of them made it to the art show free of charge (staff perks). It’s an anime convention after all. Here, people seek fan art to express their fandom love. I could go on about my personal policy on fan art, but in this market, I have to throw that pride out. At least there was one original artwork that made it to live auction. I’m still challenging next year. My pride wants to see if my skills can make people want to own my art. Also, let’s be real, who doesn’t like a little extra cash? #shameless #sellout

Photo on 2014-08-12 at 14.29

Tina Lam’s adorable business card. She is the coolest. Congratulations for making $1800 in live auction!

Lesson 2: Small Talk to Networks

Working in retail for 6+ years, I have mastered the art of starting small talk. People generally enjoy sharing a little thing or two about themselves. Why not take advantage of that? Tina Lam is a professional graphic designer and master convention-goer. From job hunts to presentation, I learned so much from her through one conversation than my communications class in high school. No joke, I found myself browsing through her website for a good hour or so. Anyways, my point is, you don’t have to be an ass-kisser to make connections. Admire someone’s work ethic? Tell her, maybe she’ll share their secrets. Love an artist’s drawing? Complement him, you might learn more about each other. Warning: if it feels fake, back off, it probably is. Start small and follow your gut.


I got a Kiiroitori “trophy”!

Lesson 3: Always Expect Long Nights

It’s inevitable. Again, my retail experience came in handy. Due to technical difficulties, art show and art auction staff stayed up till 4 AM—which outlasted the rave next door! We were running on candy and Gatorade. However, these crazy hours are what gets you staff perks from food vouchers to free art show submissions. Thanks to this experience, I got my first flair!


Space☆Dandy couple’s cosplay.

Since we’ve been stuck running around in Staff Catering and Exhibitions departments, I couldn’t take as many pictures as I wanted. We were suppose to (because we kept forgetting) hand out ribbons to our top 3 cosplays and upload them to @Otakon. See my cosplay faves on my Tumblr!


I’ve been hunting for this hat for a long time and now I has it!


I know it’s on the wrong hand—the point is, he put a ring on it.

Cool souvenirs for myself include a “Miau” hat from a K-pop vendor and a very-very-VERY special ring from my now fiance! It’s got diamonds and amber with a fossilized jumping spider. He planned the whole theatrics at the Baltimore Aquarium. Literally, all our families and friends knew about it, but me. A scuba diver in the shark tank presented the plaque during feeding time. There was even a photographer who recorded every moment of the proposal. Of course, they’re not here for viewing because I looked like a total mess. I’ve never been to a wedding before, so the next step’s gonna be interesting…

Overall, this year’s Otakon was a blast. It’s always great when you get to go on vacation and gain new knowledge from it. Already can’t wait till next year!


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Another warm-up doodle I got carried away with. You can see the clean scans on my website. I decided to enhance the marker drawings with colored pencils. It not only helps with smooth transitions, but adds interesting textures.





 I’m officially an Otakon 2014 staff member and pretty much set for the art auction registration. Instead of tossing them all in, I think I’ll have some of their veterans pick out which one (it costs $20 per piece for entry, yeesh) may be best for show. Ideally, I wanted them in the charity auction, but I heard that division’s primarily for items autographed by anime celebs (i.e. voice actors, directors, etc). It would be cool if the little money I make—if any—could be for a good cause.

It’s heating up in my room, so time for me to enjoy some sorbet.

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I got paid for a birthday commission! A friend of mine wanted a silly portrait of her boyfriend riding a stegosaurus. It’s a pretty straight forward project and post, so here are some pics with a few comments:


The most challenging part was his face not only because he loves to photo bomb with crazy expressions, but also because my dingy, childproof brush kept fraying. If I had a professional calligraphy brush, I’d have more control over small details in tight spaces. I felt ridiculous squatting in front of the easel and trying to keep my hands from shaking.


The palette reminds me of summer; left side is a night at a festival and the right is a day at the beach. Thankfully, she didn’t mind how the painting ended up with really saturated colors. I guess that’s what happens when you rush through color mixing.





As usual, I tend to think I do a better job sketching than the actual painting. Two things I should do next time: 1) after doing a monochromatic underpainting, work with a limited color palette and add color variety with glazing 2) offer colored pencil and mixed media commissions instead of a plain painting. Like I’ve said before, I think I’m better at drawing than painting anyways and they look a whole lot more interesting. Of course, that isn’t to say I don’t enjoy painting. Drawing just happens to be more “me”.


Well, I just received a text from her saying, “He LOVES it!!” It’s a mission accomplished. I don’t paint nearly as much as I should, so this project was a great excuse to get back in touch.


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