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Hello all,

so I finally caved into peer pressure and signed up on Instagram. I’m embarrassed to admit, I’M HOOKED. See you there!Screen shot 2018-04-25 at 11.53.16 PM



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My website got its much-needed update!

For loyal followers, sorry I haven’t updated in over a year. My life has been very happily busy with my new and improved calling for tattooing. As a result, I probably won’t be posting about my DIY wedding adventures; however, if you’re curious, here are our wedding photos by the lovely Rowanberry + Lavender.

Thank you all!


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Long time no see!

Wedding plans have been keeping me busy (30 days *internal shrieking*). Eventually, I’ll make a big post that’s all about my DIY adventures. For now, procrastination level: made a Necronomicon pencil case out of a half-and-half carton.



Lately, DIY videos on Youtube has been an addiction. There are so many creative people around the world turning trash to treasure! Unlike the Youtube crafters, I’m really bad at wrapping things beautifully and seamlessly. To cover up my failure of a wrapping job I papier-mached it and decorated with hot glue and acrylic paints. Will definitely making another one (or two) since it was so much fun!


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Wedding Hiatus

I haven’t been updating as much as I should (like always)—this time, I have a good reason. If anyone’s been following, I’m getting married in June, so I’m focusing most of my energy on DIY wedding crafts. I’ve been updating vague, experimental bits and pieces on my sketchbook blog


this screenshot is an old concept for my wedding invite. i’ve scrapped this idea since.

Once I find a break between those projects, I will be posting the results and all the colored pencils work—from tattoos to art book cover—that I’ve been neglecting to display on social media.


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It’s almost 2:30 AM, but thanks to two cups of ice coffee, I have the energy to finally post the process shots of “Frank”. Also, I’m currently working relatively big commission for a co-worker and I’ve taken enough progress photos to do another one of these “step-by-step of what I’ve been up to” post, so may as well get this one over with. I have a bad habit of starting more projects than I can finish, so sorry for the lack of consistency.

Let’s start with a blank goat.


I drew out the design with sharpies. At the time, I was still attempting to wrap him in hair. When I finished drawing on him, I found it hard to work the “hair monster” concept into a goat, so I ditched that idea.


I still kept the flying ends on his belly though.


Just getting all the darks painted.

IMG_20150306_141403IMG_20150313_155734Jumped right into painting all the mouths on him.

IMG_20150317_024438 IMG_20150317_024803



The colors on the rag looked prettier in person.



 The above two images are my “blooper” moments. When I drew in the stitches I thought, “Hey, maybe if I paint the patches different colors like Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) he’ll look less creepy!” He didn’t look creepy—just hella ugly.


Whitewashed the patches and filled in the eyes.


Started working the “flesh tones” in on the other side while I waited for the whitewashed side to dry.

IMG_20150326_155156 IMG_20150331_154435

IMG_20150331_154526 IMG_20150407_234913 IMG_20150409_145603

Beep boop meow—filling in on step at a time. Most painters encourage people to work every part of the canvas simultaneously, but I’ve always been the steady type that starts in one corner and spreads out.



After covering him up, I sprayed him with fixative until my throat closed up several times.


Yay, he made it into my car! The new owner coated him with car varnish to protect the painting. The red sharpie turned pretty bright and showed through the paint, but the audience was convinced that I’ve magically created his veins. Happy accidents are nice.

Alright, this post has been done!


p.s. Bonus pics:

fukawa01 fukawa02 fukawa03 fukawa04 fukawa05 fukawa06

Probably my favorite part of the goat.

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All goats are assembled at the Matterhorn Mini Golf! A little blurb from the Canton Compass for some local hype here. I’ve had the process photos (and then some) sitting in my phone for the longest time. Sorry for the lack of updates, but they will e v e n t u a l l y make it on this blog.
IMG_3509-XL IMG_3511-XL

Whomever took these photos did a great job making it look real grotesque.


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I’ve actually had these drawings done a long time. However, I’m only posting bits of it because there are few more pieces I want to finish up for Art of HorrorInstead of making a “to-do” list, I need to make a “prioritize” list. I’m getting distracted by so many different projects.








A quick, self-explanatory post because I’ll have more time to reflect on them more meaningfully later.


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