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I got paid for a birthday commission! A friend of mine wanted a silly portrait of her boyfriend riding a stegosaurus. It’s a pretty straight forward project and post, so here are some pics with a few comments:


The most challenging part was his face not only because he loves to photo bomb with crazy expressions, but also because my dingy, childproof brush kept fraying. If I had a professional calligraphy brush, I’d have more control over small details in tight spaces. I felt ridiculous squatting in front of the easel and trying to keep my hands from shaking.


The palette reminds me of summer; left side is a night at a festival and the right is a day at the beach. Thankfully, she didn’t mind how the painting ended up with really saturated colors. I guess that’s what happens when you rush through color mixing.





As usual, I tend to think I do a better job sketching than the actual painting. Two things I should do next time: 1) after doing a monochromatic underpainting, work with a limited color palette and add color variety with glazing 2) offer colored pencil and mixed media commissions instead of a plain painting. Like I’ve said before, I think I’m better at drawing than painting anyways and they look a whole lot more interesting. Of course, that isn’t to say I don’t enjoy painting. Drawing just happens to be more “me”.


Well, I just received a text from her saying, “He LOVES it!!” It’s a mission accomplished. I don’t paint nearly as much as I should, so this project was a great excuse to get back in touch.



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The boyfriend has a birthday coming up, so I decided I’d make him some artwork. He asked for three cephalopods and a George Carlin portrait. Once I’m done, I’ll definitely upload little studies and thumbnails on the sketchbook blog as well as the finished pieces. I’ve officially taken over parts of his place (the wall in the living room and his desk in his bedroom) as my studio, haha!

It’s nice to have a desk facing the window. There’s lots of good natural lighting pouring in during the day. As of now, it’s only an underpainting, acrylic on canvas paper. I love starting paintings with blues. My fave is brilliant blue, but I used ultramarine for this one this I want to paint him in warm sandy colors later.

Close-up, ignore the bad cast shadow and enjoy the bubbles! I had a lot of fun painting them bubbles. I’m trying to take it slow with these paintings because whenever I try to rush in with colors, the surface ends up muddy.

I might haul my heavy-ass glass palette from my apartment to finish the painting in oils since I take forever to mix colors. Acrylics tend to dry on me while I struggle to decide what colors to use. Plus, oil pigments has a nice glow to them. It feels good to paint traditionally again after going digital for a while.


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