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Long time no see!

Wedding plans have been keeping me busy (30 days *internal shrieking*). Eventually, I’ll make a big post that’s all about my DIY adventures. For now, procrastination level: made a Necronomicon pencil case out of a half-and-half carton.



Lately, DIY videos on Youtube has been an addiction. There are so many creative people around the world turning trash to treasure! Unlike the Youtube crafters, I’m really bad at wrapping things beautifully and seamlessly. To cover up my failure of a wrapping job I papier-mached it and decorated with hot glue and acrylic paints. Will definitely making another one (or two) since it was so much fun!



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summer is busy-busy-busy! here’s some projects i’ve been squeezing in between work, internship, and infestation (yes, infestation, it ruined my days off!):

first project i’ve completed is Still Life for JC, oil on canvas, ≈16″x20″. read about the Jonathan Carey Foundation! as an older sister with three younger brothers—two being autistic (LFA and PDD)—i found this story to be both outrageous and heartbreaking. it’s sad how common the “keep your eyes open and your mouth shut” philosophy is. weak, innocent people are getting hurt; people need to raise their voices to help end these crimes!

this piece is an underpainting. her name is Moltling; she’s one of the  characters i’ve been developing for my senior thesis. Bathing, 24″x24″, oil on canvas. i can’t wait to finish this painting! i’ve always wanted challenge painting subjects immerse in water.

breaking from traditional and playing with digital. both  were painted on Photoshop CS3. potential album covers for Dead by Daybreak contest. turned out to be more graphic than i intended, but whatever, i think i’ll go with it. wish me luck!

i end this post with some nerding. R2D2 dress made after ConnectiCon because i’m cool like that… nah, i got lazy and i had no money for anything that weekend. t-shirt recon! cheap ‘Kino is incredibly cheap. this dress was made out of dollar store t-shirts and is temporarily held together with hot glue.

that wraps it up! till then~


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