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Yes, it’s true…

I’ve officially graduated. Here’s some studio shots:





All emptied out for the next year’s Painting&Drawing majors. Speaking of “emptied out”…

Portfolio Website Homepage

I have given into deviantART’s Portfolio and made a website for my Hair Monster. A lot of images on there are temporary, but it’s a decent beginning. The only issues I have with this template is its limitations on text and images, but otherwise it’s a nice, easy, and clean start. At least it’s an upgrade from cramming everything in the corner of this blog. Of course, I’ve added a “Back to the Website” menu at the top corner since all 500 of my business cards refers back to this blog. I’m not gonna trash and revise these cards for the sake of one line. If people like my work enough, they’ll check the link regardless of what it’s called. The portfolio site just enhances the viewing experience.

Hopefully, I can be a little more active with my blogging. I’m currently thinking of moving my neglected sketchblog somewhere else as well. Still unsure where though. Anyways, I guess that’s it for now.



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