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Here is an “I’m not dead yet” post with my finished wedding invite designs.


side A

Our wedding is Godzilla x Mothra theme because on our first date, he gave me a Godzilla figure (on our second, he gave me Gigan—slowly building a kaiju army since then). Illustration inspired by this scene. I wanted to do a quirky invite to make it unforgettable. Also, we’re silly people.


side B

Kept the back real simple since there’s a lot happening on the other side. Cheesy movie posters are the best! I’ve had difficulties with design courses in college since precision is everything. It was nice to loosen up.

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 11.48.24 PM

Putting this record here because it’s the first time I’ve used layers in such a complex manner! Definitely an upgrade compared to the very first time I dabbled in digital painting and design. Going to the print shop next week with the fiance. I’m so excited!

Hopefully, I’ll be posting more projects after the wedding preparation shenanigans. For experiments and doodles, check out my sketchbook blog on Tumblr



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Oh my,

feels like it’s been forever since I’ve last updated. Well, I got promoted at my retail job, so I’ve been incredibly busy. Despite my crazy schedule, I still draw for fun on a daily basis. I was gonna upload new “Hair Monster” pieces and sketches for the sketchbook blog, but this piece happened instead—take that, procrastination!


For some reason, I had the biggest urge to draw something from life digitally and out of all the things I could’ve painted, I chose my face. Narcissism aside, I’m actually quite proud of this piece. I’ve always wanted to paint in Jenny Saville colors when I was in art school. Unfortunately, my lack of color theory got me nowhere. Finally, a gratifying alla prima piece!

I will be shamelessly spamming this piece all over the social-webs (maybe not).


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