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All goats are assembled at the Matterhorn Mini Golf! A little blurb from the Canton Compass for some local hype here. I’ve had the process photos (and then some) sitting in my phone for the longest time. Sorry for the lack of updates, but they will e v e n t u a l l y make it on this blog.
IMG_3509-XL IMG_3511-XL

Whomever took these photos did a great job making it look real grotesque.



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Hey y’all~

Here’s a potential publication shot of my commission for Matterhorn Mini Golf.


I’m proud of his chest piece. He’s simply titled, “Frank” because “Frankengoat” was too long for me. My client and I agreed that he will be the goat kids love and parents hate. Needless to say, he is VERY different from the other artists’ goats.

I can’t wait to see his placement on the course with others! Will be uploading process photos soon.


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IMG_20150313_155734Here’s a teaser photo of my goat! Ditched the black and red color scheme since it looked too Satanic to be in a mini golf course. I’ll leave it at that!


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I’m a really bad blogger. Lately, the most I do on the internet is answer e-mails and bookmark reference images. Since there are so many people pouring their feelings out online, it feels gratifying to keep things to myself. Anyways, before I start ranting:

Go to my new sketchbook blog to see shots of my amateur tattoo portfolio! Finished products will be cleanly scanned and posted here.



I will be painting a goat for Matterhorn Mini Golf! It was a little bigger than I expected, but it’s a good challenge. Contemplating whether I want to keep it simple and go straight to painting or add any sculptural elements to it.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Hells, YES! we had a full house at our show opening! Our show was pretty bitchin’. I’d say we’ve made a great start for the Hartford Art School (HAS) senior shows. Yes, I’m totally bragging my butt off. Our show took place at University of Hartford’s Joseloff Gallery. It was a great space for Painting & Drawing to collaborate with Sculpture.

works seen here: Stass Shpanin (large paintings) and Jocelyn Rosenberg (sculpture on ground)

seen here: Christine Gaston (floating sculpture) and Beena Azeem (paintings)

on the left: Margaret "Maggie" Vaughn

here: Vicky Healy (sculpture), Alyssa Nett (paintings behind sculpture), and Patrick Fernald (right)

Note: photos were taken before the place got packed. For a clearer view of the exhibit, check out the gallery’s facebook page. They even have installation photos too.

There are 13 Painting & Drawing majors and 4 Sculpture majors. Since there are not only many of us but also many of us that work big, we had to do a jurying. I managed to get 4 pieces in. Basically, all my recent large works and a study I didn’t care for, but got in anyways. I promise I’ll upload portfolio images later.

me and the boyfriend. ♥

OH-EM-GHEE, people are actually looking at my work! Seriously, it’s great to see my work get some attention outside of class. It tells me I’m going the right direction with my work.

bonus shot: random cookie platter b/c my boyfriend was the photographer and he obviously had food on his mind. Links to my studio buddies, who has a website: Stass Shpanin, Jessica Fallis, and Beena Azeem.

…and that is all!


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it’s now or never. Below are works done during the Drawing Marathon 2011 and figure sculpting class. Drawing Marathon is an annual event hosted by the Hartford Art School Painting & Drawing department.  Here’s a little more info. Alumni welcomed! A lot of drawings were made, but these are the ones I deemed acceptable.

we created an installation with a big cow sculpture. the model posed next to it, but i decided to combine them.

Figure sculpting COMPLETES me. I thoroughly enjoy this class because it’s a totally new perspective of the figure. My drawings have changed since this class. The professor has us keep a separate sketchbook for this class. It’s a little boring since it’s all academic practice, but seeing the progression is kind of fun. We’ve sculpted two models so far.

Here are some bonus shots of my studio buddy and proof that I’m still making “Hair Monsters”. Eventually, I’ll have an official website for my portfolio. Progress will still be updated on this blog.

my little studio bunny aka "Jaclyn (professor) Harassment Bunny"

me with some of the greatest people in the art school. 🙂

whoo~ big update done!


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